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All Tomb Raider DLC will be Multiplayer Focused

Bad news for fans of Crystal Dynamics's reboot Tomb Raider, as the company stated in their Reddit AMA this past week that "all forthcoming DLC will be based around the multiplayer experience." Furthering this, they added that there will not be a classic costume skin pack, despite hard push by long time fans of the series.

"We did try to have a lot of nods to the classics in this reboot," says creative director Noah Hughes, "And even her outfit itself is intended to evoke her classic outfit in a way, but is more practical for her situation. This was just an example of trying to play that balance between fresh and familiar."

This is disappointing, as the multiplayer experience is the only bad part of the whole Tomb Raider package. If you haven't checked out the reboot yet, read our review here.

The first Tomb Raider map pack, "Caves & Cliffs," is available exclusively on Xbox 360 for 400 Microsoft Points.


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