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Altman Be Praised! Free DLC For Dead Space 2

Altman be praised!  The true believers at Visceral Games have shown their loyalty to the Unitarian Church by releasing new multiplayer levels for Dead Space 2, so that players can once again ascend beyond our human bodies and become glorious necromorphs, all the better to annihilate those infidels who like to play as humans in Dead Space 2 multi-player.

As any devout Unitologist can tell you, Dead Space 2 shipped with just a handful of multiplayer maps which certainly kept the faithful entertained as we felled waves of human non-believers, yet the post-release DLC packs for Dead Space 2 consisted of extra weapon and armor packs that only served to make it easier for that heathen Isaac Clark to kill Unitologists.  There was even a single-player DLC pack that boiled down to little more than Unitolo-phobic propaganda.

Finally Visceral Games has joined the Church and will help us spread the word about humanity's glorious Convergence with two new multiplayer maps that arrive for Xbox on May 31st, and June 3rd for Playstation 3.  Best of all, the DLC is a donation to the Church and is being passed on to players for free.

In the four screenshots released so far, we can see the new settings:

Players will remember this school setting from the single-player campaign.  A good learning environment for youngsters to discover the teachings of Unitology.  

Players will also have the opportunity to spread the word of Altman on the Concourse, a mall that players will also recognize from the campaign.  This monument to materialism, crammed with false idols is the perfect place to wage our war against anti-Unitarian bigotry.

Altman be praised.


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