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Amazon Holding Lightning Deal on Civ 5

As part of their "Prelude To Black Friday" hysteria, Amazon is holding a series of Lightning Deals on video games for the next week and a half.  They're distributing it between the various platforms, so the deal won't alway be something of interest to us PC Gamers, but today they actually do have something relevant to us; Civilization 5 marked down to $34.99   Because this is a "Lightning Deal" it's only available until 5:00 pm EST today (Monday).

This is about 30% off the retail price on a spectacular game which is going for full price just about everywhere else.  We highly recommended it in our review when it came out less than two months ago, we heartily suggest anyone who's been waiting for a price break to head over to Amazon and check this out as soon possible.
If you don't care for the Civ series, Amazon is also holding a daily sale on some downloadable casual games, with a different cop of titles each day.  These are mostly point and click adventures, or simple budget games, but you might find something you like.  I emphasize MIGHT.  Player Affinity will check in with Amazon and the other retailers over the coming weeks and keep you abreast of any notable PC sales.


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