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Amazon Launches “Prelude To Black Friday” Sale

It’s nearly two whole weeks before Thanksgiving, yet Amazon has already started the holiday shopping season with their farcical “Prelude To Black Friday” sale on games.  Yes, it’s a real thing, and that really is what they’re calling it.  We here at Player Affinity love cheap games, so we’ll overlook this nonsensical hype and keep an eye on this week-long event just in case a good deal comes along.

The “Prelude” consists of daily “Lightning Deals” which seems to be an awful lot like the usual Daily Game deals that Amazon has been holding for months.  These lightning deals expire quickly, unlike the usual Daily Deals, so the “Prelude” event actually appears to be step backwards in terms of what Amazon is offering gamers.

Today’s (Now Expired) deal was 303% off a Wii game, so this promotion has gotten off to a tepid start.  Slightly more interesting to PC gamers is the deal on downloadable games for PC; today’s crop includes Kitten Sanctuary and three other games which are marked down between 30 and 57%.  Hey, I said “Slightly” more interesting, didn’t I?

We’ll dredge the internet for you in the coming weeks for the best Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Pre-Cyber Monday deals as they appear.


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