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AMC Releases Three New Trailers for The Walking Dead Midseason Return Next Month

For the second season of AMC's massively popular zombie drama, The Walking Dead, I was fine with the idea that there would be a short hiatus between the two halves of the season. But, like most people, I wasn't prepared for what the recent third season had that the second one lacked...: a state of being completely awesome. I was more than up for taking a break from season two's sluggishly paced and overly melodramatic trek on Hershel's farm. But the idea of waiting more than one week to see where the incredible midseason finale episode, "Made to Suffer," was just not cool, AMC. 

But don't fret Walking Dead fans! Because not only is the wait almost over as the second half of season three will commence on February 10th; AMC is also doing everyone a solid by releasing three new promotional trailers for the upcoming episode nine "The Suicide King", to wane our anxiousness just a tad bit.

Obviously, these three short promos aren't the same as actually sitting back to watch the episode itself. But as far as promos go, they accomplish in reminding us what we are looking forward to (watching Daryl and Merle on the cusp of being part of an epic battle royale with zombies in promo 1) and giving us little bites on what we're going to be in for right from the start in the second two trailers. And as it should be, because I personally wouldn't want to be spoilered any further by the idea that *PROMO SPOILERS* The Governor is already making his attack on the prison and Rick's group making their own moves outside the prison.  We'll have to wait to see why Hershel yelled at Rick to "GET BACK HERE!" in the episode, but at least it won't be much longer. *END PROMO SPOILERS*

Still, anticipation is still anticipation, damnit.


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