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Sarah Paulson Reveals Freakshow Role

Holy shit indeed. Sarah Paulson is no stranger to challenging characters and situations as we have come to know from her work in American Horror Story. In the past two seasons of the horror show she has tackled aversion/conversion therapy, been trapped in an insane asylum, administered an abortion on herself, had acid thrown on her face, gouged out her own eyes, played a 75 year old woman, and has crazy snake sex, among many other equally shocking and insane acts. It comes to no surprise that Ryan Murphy has created yet another incredibly challenging and memorable role for the actress for the upcoming American Horror Story: Freakshow. In fact, it is the most extreme and insane role yet. Paulson took to twitter to announce her freaky new character: When Paulson recently talked to E! about the next American Horror Story season she eloquently summed up her reaction with the words, “Holy shit!” And we can now say that it was not an understatement. She went on to say "I feel like that's the appropriate reaction you want when you read the first script of American Horror Story. So it's very exciting and totally nerve-wracking in the best way because you think, ‘How the hell am I going to pull this off?!' And as an actor, I think that's an exciting thing to feel." We are definitely excited to see what the show will have in store for Bette and Dot.


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