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American Horror Story: Coven – Boy Parts – Excellent Second Episdoe

Episode two, “Boy Parts” of American Horror Story: Coven did not disappoint. It started out with a bang and we are now starting to see how all of these characters are going to come together. There was an overall theme of resurrection in the episode that was carried across different storylines. So far American Horror Story: Coven is just amazing. I mean what other show can take ridiculous plot points and somehow make them work. “Boy Parts” was not very scary, however it was filled with a few cringe worthy moments. Oh and I need to mention the stellar acting, but more on that later.

The episode started off with a surprise; Misty Day is alive! WHAT? So did not see that coming. Her alligator scene was a great start to and introduction to the episode making the resurrection theme very clear. Later on in the episode she ends up helping Zoe out with Kyle.  Misty is thrilled to meet another witch. I’m glad to see that Misty Day is alive and well because her power to raise the dead will definitely help move along the story, add some conflict, and introduce a new dynamic.

Then there is Kyle. If you were looking for a gory scene you sure got it when Madison takes Zoe to the morgue. They pretty much assemble the “perfect man” out of all the dead body parts from the bus crash. This also speaks volumes for Madison’s character. She seems like just a dumb party girl, but doesn’t even bat an eye when confronted with all the dismembered bodies. The girls successfully end up resurrecting Kyle, but he isn’t quite right yet. Of course Madison bails and leaves Zoe on her own, this also says something about her character.  Zoe ends up summing Misty and it looks like Misty will be able to help. This is American Horror Story so who knows what can happen?  This storyline is also the most obvious form of resurrection.

Speaking of crazy American Horror Story plot points lets take a moment to remember Cordilia’s weird witch craft filled sex scene with her hubby. Apparently Cordilia is having trouble conceiving so she uses magic to help her out. Another reference to resurrection in this plot point, we can only guess what is going to go wrong with this pregnancy but I’m digging in.

Moving on we learn that voodoo priestess Marie Laveau is still around when Fiona visits her hair salon in the 9th ward seeking her secrets for immortality.  Clearly there is going to be a power struggle between the two women. Madame LaLaurie also has her moments, and I’m sure her resurfacing will come into play. An interesting moment happens between Fiona and Madame LaLaurie when they are sitting on a bench outside of LaLaurie’s old home. Turns out Fiona does have some set of morals. She condemns LaLaurie for what she used to do in her torture chamber.

Speaking of, remember the man Madame LaLaurie made into a Minator? Well he is still kicking, and chained up in the back room of Marie Lavaue’s salon. So not sure how he is going to come into play, but I’m sure he will be under Lavaue’s control.  

American Horror Story: Coven is a bit wacky, but for some reason it works. One of the main reasons is the talent of the cast. Kathy Bates was fabulous as Madame LaLaurie , and Jessica Lange can do no wrong. I am hoping and praying that Even Peters gets some lines. Hopefully Kyle won’t be grunting the entire episode.  Overall I enjoyed “Boy Parts.” I’m excited for next weeks episode. I can’t wait to see where the story goes.


- Creepiest scene: When Zoe and Madison are in the morgue assembling the body parts.

- Best use of magic: Fiona lights some wigs on fire in Maria Lavaue’s salon to make a point.

- Any show that can say, “Did we just marry the devil, I’m not down with that” is pretty awesome.

- We get some back-story on Queenie.

- I would like to see some more interactions at the actual school

- Where are these kids supervision?






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