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American Horror Story: Coven: Fearful Pranks Ensue Review – Flash Back City

In last night’s episode, Fearful Pranks Ensue, we were treated to a ton of delightful flashbacks that help establish some much needed background information surrounding Fiona and Marie Laveau. The episode also sheds some light on Spalding, the unassuming butler, and the role of the Witch’s Counsel. Oh, and Zoe loses a blood spattered Kyle on Halloween, Delia's husband appears to be a serial killer and there are Zombies. Typical AHS episode right?

The year is 1961 and the south is in the midst of the Civil Rights movement in the episode teaser. Marie Laveau is looking fabulous in her 60’s style, running her salon. The entire sequence is extremely well done, with quick cuts. A patron is telling Laveau how her son will be attending a white school, quick cut to a lynching mob, then to some white men in a shed. Laveau does some magic and summons some zombies who massacre the men. All in all it was great to watch, but the moral of the story is Marie Laveau can raise the dead and have them do her bidding. Pretty, cool right? This was clearly set up to what happens at the end of the episode.

The 1971 flashbacks also show us the dynamic between Fiona and Myrtle while spreading some insight onto Spalding. He is shown surrounded by a bunch of dolls, where he is having a tea party. Kind of creepy, but at the same time full of youthful innocence. Through the many flashbacks from 1971 we learn how exactly he lost his tongue; he cut it off! It was a gruesome and extreme, but his intentions were noble – he was in love with Fiona. This helps us as an audience understand his loyalty to her, and makes him seem like a decent guy.  Our expectations are shattered, when we learn that he never disposed of Madison’s corpse. In fact it is sitting in his room, at his tea party.

Zoe’s character is challenged with her sense of morality. She contemplates killing Kyle with rat poison, but doesn’t get the chance. He disappears, covered in blood. In any normal circumstance, he would be easy to find, but of course it’s Halloween so he blends right in, setting up a great storyline.

Moving on there is Delia’s cheating husband. At first we just think he is a jerk, then he says last Halloween he was a monster so we just know something is up. He ends up killing her lover by shooting her at point blank range as she confesses her love for him. Great stuff! Fiona even calls him out to Delia, when she says he is full of “Bull Shit.” Oh how right she was.

This was a fantastic episode. It had everything we come to expect out of a Halloween AHS episode. There was blood, there were surprises, and there was an overall creep factor. Not to mention that the morality and backstory of certain characters were explored and pushed to its limits. There was also some great setup for next episode happening. Laveau unleashes her zombies on the school at the same moment the hot neighbor shows up. Someone throws acid into Delia’s eyes, and Kyle is still missing. I can’t wait for next week!

- Creepiest scene: When Spalding is in his room and the camera pans to Madison’s lifeless body.

- Best use of magic: Laveau resurrecting her zombies.

- How much damage will Kyle cause?

- Since Madison was not the next supreme, does that mean it is Zoe?

- At one point in the episode Fiona puts on a witches hat and it is magic.

- What was poured in Delia’s eyes?

- Where was Misty Day?



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