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American Horror Story: Coven: The Ax Man Cometh Review – Plot Twist Alert

One of my favorite aspects of American Horror Story is the rich and interesting characters the show creates. This week’s episode “The Ax Man Cometh” did not disappoint in that respect.  Through a flash back at the start of the episode we are introduced to The Ax Man who is played wonderfully by Danny Huston. However I found the introduction of a new character a bit unnecessary, especially since Madame LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) wasn’t even in this episode. Sure, he helped unite Zoe, Nan, and Queenie and tells them where to find Madison’s body but all of this could have been done without him. On top of all the crazy characters already introduced in American Horror Story: Coven there is now an ax murderer running around. However, I am very intrigued to see how his encounter with Fiona at the bar pans out.

There is also a huge plot twist revolving around Hank, Cordelia’s jerk of a husband in this week’s episode. It was very much unexpected but welcomed non-the less. Apparently Hank is not the crazy-killer we thought him to be. He actually is a witch hunter working for Marie Laveau. What? Mind blown!  Such a great twist, it also helps raise the stakes for his character and all the witches. However, Why can’t Marie Laveau just kill the witches? She has had plenty of opportunity; both Fiona and Cordelia have visited her salon on separate occasions. Whatever the reason may be I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of blood shed in the upcoming episodes


It also appears that by losing her actual sight, Cordelia has gained the gift of second sight. So she gains some newfound courage and appears to grow stronger as a character when she tells Hank off. However, whatever courage she apparently found is all but lost when she encounters the Ax Man. Again, what was the point of introducing him into the storyline? Cordelia also learns that Fiona had Myrtle burned at the stake, which just puts another strain on their relationship. Are those two ever going to bond in a mother daughter way? Cordelia knows what Hank did, but it is unclear if she understands why; he is a witch hunter. I’m very excited to see how this new threat to the witch’s survival impacts the story line.

Once again the girls at the school are left to fend for themselves. Seriously where is their supervision? Zoe finds an Ouija board and coheres the girls into using it to find out where Madison is.  As contrived as it is for young witches to be using an Ouija board the scene works, and helps further along the plot, bringing the spirit of the Ax Man into the picture. It was especially nice to finally see Zoe, Nan, and Queenie working together towards a common goal. With Spalding’s attic no longer a secret I’m curious to see how he is dealt with in future episodes. Zoe has also started to take on more of a leadership role.

Misty Day and Kyle are also back in the picture. Finally! There is an especially great scene where Misty is working in her garden and watering what appears to be Myrtle. Misty helps Zoe bring Madison back to life but refuses to stay at the school because she gets “bad vibes” she promptly leaves, but not without taking some bagels first. The girls are going to have some explaining to do if Fiona ever does come back. We have Kyle chained up outside and a very much alive Madison walking around.

Meanwhile Fiona has her first cancer treatment, and apparently can now read minds. Again this is playing with her fleeting youth and her need to have one more chance to be the mother she wasn’t. Fiona is a fighter, but as she was getting her cancer treatment it was one of the few times where she seems almost weak. It was a nice change to see, but if the caner doesn’t killer, Fiona has a whole slew of enemies running around who would love to take a crack at it.

Overall I enjoyed the episode. It by far was not my favorite episode of AHS: Coven, but it wasn’t horrible either. The biggest disappointment was the notable absence of Kathy Bates’s character Madame LaLaurie. What was she doing the entire episode?  The plot did move forward and there were some excellent scenes and not to mention a killer plot twist. Oh and Madison is alive again so I can’t really complain.


- Creepiest scene: Misty Day’s garden. It might not have had the gore factor, but seeing Myrtle’s hand pop out of the dirt about did it.

-Best use of magic: Queenie’s human voodoo doll scene takes the take. When she presses the hot iron to her face and Spalding passes out from the pain. Pure genius!

-Where was Kathy Bates?

-Kyle has some major PTSD. What exactly is his character’s purpose?

-Spalding’s unyielding allegiance towards Fiona would have been sweet if he wasn’t so creepy.

-What’s the deal with the Ax Man? Will he be in future episodes?



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