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American Horror Story: Coven – “The Dead” Review: Things Just Keep Getting Weirder

Last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven, “The Dead”, primarily focused on characters who have come back from the dead: Madison, Kyle, Madame LaLaurie, and the Ax Man. It was very interesting idea to explore how death has changed these characters, not to mention all the other crazy things that happened. Zoe kills Spalding, Cordelia wants to kill Fiona, Fiona is sleeping with The Ax Man, there is an undead three sum and Queenie switches sides just to name a few. Clearly, we have some major set up and plot points in the works here. American Horror Story: Coven "the dead" At the start of the episode we see a flashback of Kyle at a tattoo parlor with some of his frat bros, and we are again reminded of what a good kid he was and all the big dreams he had. Back in the present, Kyle notices tattoos on his body that belonged to his frat brothers, and completely freaks out. Zoe struggles with the decision to kill him. She still has feelings for him and lets him live. However, Madison gets thrown into the mix and everything gets a bit crazy ending in a three-sum. Thanks for keeping it interesting AHS I sure did not see that coming. Speaking of the newly resurrected Madison, she gives an almost chilling monologue at the start of the episode about growing up in the millennial generation and always feeling empty. That entire sequence was absolute gold, and it was nice to see her character offer more than “party girl.” However, the old Madison comes out when she sleeps with Kyle, she knows it will hurt Zoe, but as twisted as it is she does show a sense of morality when she invites Zoe to join. For some reason or another Zoe accepts. It seems a bit out of character for Zoe but maybe she feels drawn to them. She did play a hand in bringing them both back to life?  What do you know; looks like Kyle is sleeping with his mother again. Zoe brought him back after all, if that doesn’t make her somewhat of a mother figure I don’t know what does.  It will certainty be interesting to see how this plays out. American Horror Story: Coven "the dead" Zoe was everywhere this episode and it is becoming quite clear that she is one powerful witch. She was able enchant Spalding’s tongue and get the truth out of him about who killed Madison and apparently now she can stomach killing him too. Killing Spalding seemed very unnecessary, especially since he can easily be brought back to life. There wasn’t any significance to it. Plus Cordelia already told Zoe that Fiona killed Madison.  Seriously, what was the point? Fiona was off doing her own thing with the Ax Man for the entirety of the episode. I’m glad to see his appearance actually had a purpose; keep Fiona occupied while Cordelia plans her murder. Anyways, the Ax Man turns into a bit of a creep when we find that he watched Fiona grow up. Can you say “Stalker?” As much as she may deny it, Fiona feels drawn to him. What’s going to happen to the two of them is anyone’s guess. Then there is Queenie and Madame LaLaurie. For a brief moment is seemed as though the two were becoming unlikely friends and providing some much-needed comic relief.  However, Queenie has been feeling a bit left out and visits Maria Laveau. Utility she betrays the witches and delivers LaLaurie to Laveau. This is an unexpected development since Fiona had promised Queenie that she could be the next supreme. This major change in character doesn’t sit well with me. I wish they would have showed a scene of Queenie feeling under appreciated. However, I do like that Laveau now has LaLaurie under her control. American Horror Story: Coven "the dead" Per usual this week’s episode was a joy and thrill to watch. There was just enough creepy and weird mixed in with a few twists and turns along the way. Queenie’s choice threw me for a loop, but it is understandable for the progression of the storyline. Misty Day was absent form this week’s episode along with Myrtle. When are those two going to reappear and cause some trouble? WRAP UP: -Creepiest scene: When Zoe accepts Madison’s invitation to the three-sum. Not much gore, but both Madison and Kyle were dead. Necrophilia anyone? -Best use of magic: When Zoe gives Spalding his enchanted tongue back. That must have taken some serious magic, -Has Queenie officially switched sides? -Fiona and the Ax Man = New power couple? -When will Myrtle come back to seek her revenge on Fiona? Will she team up with Cordelia? -Will Spalding stay dead?


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