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American Horror Story: Coven: The Replacements Review – Mommy Issues

“The Replacements,” got weird, really weird. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then re-watch the scene of Kyle and his incestuous mother.  American Horry Story wasn’t afraid to go there, but it was an overall enjoyable episode, where every storyline explored some sort of motherly relationship/issue. My only overall complaint with “The Replacements” is where was the scary? I guess there were a few creepy scenes but nothing all that spooky, well besides Kyle and his mother.

The episode starts out with a glimpse into Fiona’s youth. The year is 1971, a young beautiful Fiona encounters the previous supreme, where we learn that she is in line to become the next Supreme, but she first must master the 7 wonders. What are the 7 wonders? Obviously that’s not Fiona’s style, so she slits the current supreme’s throat. No big deal, right? The creepy butler sees, so it might be safe to guess who is responsible for him losing his tongue. Fiona pretty much kills her motherly figure. Then we are delighted to a great bit of writing, with Fiona’s dance monologue.

Clearly Fiona is still chasing her youth, which seems to be represented my Madison. The two share some rather “touching” moments, however in the back of my mind I knew that is had to be a trap. Fiona takes on a motherly role with Madison, reveling that she did a poor job raising her own daughter, Cordelia. However, events of the past repeat themselves when Fiona kills Madison and the butler witnesses it. Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling Madison won’t stay dead for long with Misty Day and Marie Laveau running around.

Speaking of Marie Laveau, she creates the only really creepy scene this episode when she describes to Cordelia the magic it would take to get her pregnant. Apparently that weird sex didn’t work? Cordelia’s entire storyline this episode is her trying to be a mother, too bad her own mother ruined her chances with Marie Laveau.  I’m sure they will figure something out because I really would like to see more of Marie Laveau.

Then there is Kyle’s mother. Zoe pays her a visit and she seems like a semi-normal, yet heart broken mother. Apparently she was going to commit suicide before Zoe’s phone call. I guess that was just a foreshadow of her death then?  Zoe does bring Kyle back to her, but he is still a bit off.  Oh and their incestuous relationship is revealed. Kyle isn’t into it and finally speaks, then he bashes his mother’s skull in. Zoe finds Kyle covered in blood. Yeah, so now I’m curious to see what Zoe will do with Kyle now.

Misty Day also has some sort of feelings for Kyle. She nursed him back to health for heavens sake! But, she feels spurned when Zoe takes him away from her. I guess she felt a motherly sort of love to Kyle as well. Maybe Misty will shift over to the dark side, wouldn’t that be fun?

Speaking of creepy mother’s we are introduces to the new neighbors. Luke, the son probably just shouldn’t wear a shirt for the rest of the season, but he doesn’t seem like much of a threat to anyone. His bible-trotting mother on the other hand seems like a lady that shouldn’t be messed with. It was especially great when Madison telekinetically threw a knife at her.

This episode also has a great Queenie scene when she tries to seduce the Minotaur. We learn earlier in the episode that she is a virgin, and she grew up with the absence of love. Cleary this all makes sense as to why she would want to seduce Minotaur. Well not really, but Its AHS so they can pretty much do what ever they wan right?


- Creepiest scene: It’s a toss up between the weird Minotaur sex and Marie Laveau describing her fertility treatment.

- Best use of magic: Madison setting the drapes on fire.

- Is Madison going to stay dead? I hope not.

- LaLaurie watching Barack Obama on television was priceless.

- Will Cordelia get pregnant?

- Once again the acting by all the characters was flawless.

- What’s going on with the new neighbors? How will they come into play?

- What is going to happen to Kyle?

- What are the 7 wonders? I’m dying to know!

- Seriously, where are these girls supervision? This has to be the worst school ever.



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