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American Horror Story: Coven – The Sacred Taking Review: Lacking Finality

This week’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven wasn’t the show's best. It is certainly still worth watching, because even a mediocre AHS is still full of everything we have come to love about the show: gore, drama, and weirdness. One of my main problems with this season is that no one will stay dead and there are spirits lurking around. At the start of the season I liked this aspect, but now there is no finality or meaning in a character’s death since they can so easily be brought back to life. Not to say that I’m unhappy with Madison or Myrtle’s restriction. The episode “The Sacred Taking” starts out with Queenie walking around a seedy part of town where she encounters a creep, and proceeds to steal his heart for LaLaurie. Madison and Zoe approach her and try to convince her to come back to the coven. Here’s my problem with this opening, how much time has passed since we last saw our characters? How did Zoe and Madison know where to find Queenie? The whole thing just doesn’t add up. Then there is Queenie’s character as a whole who has been a bit of a let down this entire season. She started off strong, but has turned into a weaker character. She tries to sneak LaLaurie a hamburger clearly she is guilty.  I wish she would stop being so wishey-washy. American Horror Story Coven While Queenie’s character is getting on my nerves, Nan is finally getting some more screen time. If anyone should feel like an outcast it is Nan, but you don’t see her switching sides. She is constantly under-appreciated and underestimated by the other witches in the coven. However, she does have a one up on them – She got eye candy Luke’s attention. To bad a sniper (Hank right?) had to ruin that for her too. Speaking of the sniper, which I assume is Hank since he is a witch hunter and all, he also goes after Misty Day and Myrtle at her swamp. Myrtle is back and I couldn’t be happier! Finally all the witches are together and they plot to kill Fiona so the next supreme can take over. There is a lot of backstabbing going on in this season and people are switching sides left and right. At times it can get a little over the top. Myrtle explains that Fiona needs to kill herself so the next supreme can ascend. They create this elaborate scheme and almost succeed. The entire scene with Emma Roberts and Jessica Lange was absolute brilliance. The acting, the dialogue, and the chemistry were spot on! The witches would have succeeded with this plan to kill Fiona, if it wasn’t for Spalding’s ghost. American Horror Story: Coven At the end of the episode Fiona and Cordelia joke about the attempt on Fiona’s life. It seems that there is a bigger threat out there now (Hank and Laveau) that will unite the witches for the time being.  Again with the changing alliances! Although Laveau sending LaLaurie severed head to the doorstep was a nice touch. Even better that LaLaurie opened her eyes. Can’t wait to see what that’s all about. As I said at the start of this review, “The Sacred Taking” sure wasn’t the best episode of AHS ever but still worth watching. I’m loving that all the witches are finally together under one roof. The line has been drawn and there is only enough room in the town for one powerful witch. How this plays out is anyone’s guess. Fiona seems to be with the witches for now, but her instinct for self-preservation is strong, even with the cancer. American Horror Story: Coven Best use of magic: When Lavaue cuts off LaLaurie’s hand. Pretty bad ass. Weirdest scene: The scene between Luke and his mother in the bathroom pretty much takes the cake on this one. Just another weird mother-son relationship on the show. -Madison over hears Kyle telling Zoe that he loves here. And we all thought them sharing him was a good idea. -Will Fiona play nice with the other witches in order to defeat a bigger threat. -Queenie, what’s the deal girl? When is she going to step up and be a strong character? -The cancers scenes of Fiona were very creepy.
  • -All the witches are finally under one roof.
  • -Myrtle is back!
  • -Nan finally gets some more screen time.
  • -No one seems to stay dead. There is no finality or meaning in a character’s death since they can so easily be brought back to life.
  • -Queenie's character is a bit of a let down.


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