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American Horror Story Gets Premiere Date

"The Freakshow is Coming to Town"
"American Horror Story: Coven" Panel - Comic-Con International 2014 The Freakshow will be arriving Wednesday October 8. The FX anthology drama, American Horror Story, returns with a new setting, new characters, new scares, same fantastic cast, as expected. This time, the story will focus on one of the last remaining freak shows in 1950’s America: “Emmy® Award-winning actress Jessica Lange returns as Elsa Mars, Academy Award® winner Kathy Bates plays Effil Darling, celebrated actress Angela Bassett is Desiree Dupree, Sarah Paulson will do double-duty as Siamese twins Bette and Dot Tattler, Evan Peters plays Jimmy Darling, and Emma Roberts is Maggie. Plus, AHS newcomer Michael Chiklis stars as Wendell Del Toredo, and joining the cast this season is John Carroll Lynch (Fargo), who will play a core villain,” per SpoilerTV. American Horror Story may be one of the most uneven programs currently airing, last season’s Coven was an absolute mess kept afloat by undeniably gifted actors, but it always manages to build up excitement and anticipation in the months/weeks leading up to a new season and this year is no different. Already the creators of the show have teased story details like Sarah Paulson’s dual roles and Jyoti Amge (world’s smallest woman) and Patti Labelle’s addition to the cast. We certainly can’t wait to see what Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck have in store for us with Freakshow, and what craziness the amazing cast will have to contend with.


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