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‘American Psyhco’ Already Getting a Remake

There are many ways to make your debut, especially if you are a pupil of David Fincher, but if you're upstart Noble Jones, you make waves by announcing your directorial debut will be a remake of American Psycho.

Yes, Hollywood is remaking American Psycho. Apparently, Jones is looking to go for a much more "low budget" affair, having turned in a script almost a month ago. Not many details have been let loose, other than it won't cost much and that Patrick Bateman -- played to cult acclaim by Christian Bale -- would be thrown in a modern day New York, versus the one he stalked over a decade ago.

Noble isn't much of a name, but he's quickly building a solid reputation. He's done commercials for Coke and music videos for Taylor Swift, Seal and Disturbed. His latest accomplishment was serving as 2nd Unit Director for Fincher's The Social Network. It's steady work and enough to get him in the door. Now let's see how he deals with fans of the original film and their input. So far, the response rate has led many to vocalize their desires for Bateman to come crashing through the screen with a Huey Lewis and the News' CD and axe in hand.


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