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Amigo Comics Coming in October 2013

Amigo Comics is an independent publisher that publishes creator-owned comic books – usually of the horror, fantasy and science-fiction variety. This October, Amigo will be adding three issues to their series Rogues! and Arcane Secrets and their newest title, Gargantuan, will begin. Rogues Volume 2 #1 Cover   Rogues! Volume 2 #1 is part of a mature fantasy comic book series about two thieves, Bram and Weasley. In their latest issue the two's friendship is put to the test when a pirate crew asks Bram to join them. The story is written by El Torres (Drums, Nancy in Hell). The new series was inspired by the work of the new artist, Lolita Aldea, who is also the cover artist. The colorist for the issue will be Sandra Molina. Arcane Secrets #3 Cover The second title, Arcane Secrets #3, is an all-ages humor story that makes the Cthulhu Mythos kid-friendly! Doctor Ment, Harry and Elvis the Airpuff need to stop The Great Cthulhu and his army – with some help from Selma, Otis the Zombi and the Stinker Pirate and his ghost ship. This issue is both written and drawn by Angel A. Syoboda, who also did the cover art. Gargantuan #1 Cover The final title is the first issue of the new Amigo Comics series Gargantuan. Like Rogues! Volume 2 #1, this series is being written by El Torres. The artwork and cover art were done by Rubén Rojas. This is an action title for all-ages about giants that used to rule over the world. But now they have been reduced to dreams and nightmares. Specifically, Marshall Sarah Lozen's and while pursuing a criminal rockstar known as Crius she will see the Gargantuan rise once again and begin the end of the world. I like how these Amigo Comics all have cover art created by that issue's artist. It's a better representation of the interior art, unlike the usual titles which feature a guest cover artist who doesn't do the interior at all. All of these issues are 32 pages long and will cost $3.99 this upcoming October.


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