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Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 #1 – Review

Armory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 is BOOM! Studios and Evil Ink Comics new twelve part mini-series. It's written by the front man of the band Coheed and Cambria; Claudio Sanchez and comic book veteran Peter David (X-Factor). The duo's previous work was a book called "Year of the Black Rainbow". Interesting enough, this book is accompanied by an album of the same name from Claudio's band.

The event of this story takes place ten years after the "second series", The Turbine Blade. In this book, Claudio (The character not the writer) is still infatuated with Newo Ikkin, the love of his life. He calls her "nightly" but never has the courage to tell her how he feels. The book alludes to the events in the Turbine Blade series. Claudio and his father go back and forth. Claudio blames his father for the tragedies that occurred. The book then goes into Claudio's past. It explains an IRO-Bot, a weapon that is mixed with Human DNA and Angel DNA. Claudio, as a weapon, was meant to win the War against Ryan Wilhelm. Wilhelm's army is known as the defenders of Heavens Fence in which Ryan Wilhelm is the "Absolute Ruler".

The current book does a good job in providing a solid background from the past series while explaining Claudio's latest activities. Claudio is hiding out from everyone while trying to keep the lowest profile possible. He manages to survive by looting dead corpses and selling them to cannibals. However, all things must come to an end. Claudio eventually has to use his ability to help a girl that is being beaten by her deadbeat father. The father is "punishing" the girl with his fists because she did not pan-handle for enough money in the streets. Claudio gets so mad he nearly kills the man, but is soon interrupted by the same little girl. In tears, she begs Claudio to stop. He calms down, approaches her, and then offers to erase her memory of the events that transpired. According to Claudio, no one should know what happened. He is forced to leave and is confident that there are no witnesses. Little did Claudio know that someone was watching him the entire time.

Sanchez and David provide a clear picture of what happens in the past stories. The character of Claudio is well developed. Sanchez and David show you that this character regrets ever having these abilities. All he wants is to disappear from Heavens Fence. Both the artist and the colorist give the book a feel of grittiness and darkness that intones the atmosphere of the book. And, as an added bonus, this book has a soundtrack! Yes, you read correctly. Although, the actual album is not included in the book, the idea of a concept album that complements a comic book story is mind-blowing. If you are interested in hearing the lyrics, search the band Coheed and Cambria. It's almost like watching a movie. All you need is a good couch, some awesome headphones, and you are in for quite a ride.

Overall Score - 7.3/10



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