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Anchorman 2 on the Way?

Surprisingly, "Anchorman 2" hasn't already happened yet. You'd think that with Adam McKay's cult following, this would be a sure thing. Will Ferrell has said he'd be up for it, and so has most of the principle cast. So what's been the big hold up? Money, apparently. In an interview with MTV, McKay lets loose a few details on what's been holding production back. Here's the important part:

McKay: It’s a tricky movie because everyone went and did really well after it, so everyone’s prices went up and everyone’s time got a little more valuable. But at the same time, graciously, Steve and Paul and everyone agreed to cut their price to come and do [the sequel], which you don’t see very often in Hollywood — and cut their price substantially. But even with that, it’s just a budgetary thing with Paramount in terms of how much they’ll give us to make it. We had an idea and we contacted Steve and Paul and [David] Koechner and Christina [Applegate] and checked in with everyone and they were all game for it. The stage we’re at now is talking to Paramount and trying to get the money to do it.

Just last month, Ferrell told Zoo Magazine that the chances of a sequel were low. McKay's comments make it seem a little more likely that we will see Ron Burgundy and his porn 'stache again in the not too distant future. He went on to say that the plan is to have the story take place in the 1980s, which brings all sorts of new issues for the time-locked newsman. While the script is not yet finished, the hope is to have one completed in order to begin shooting in February 2011.
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was a modest hit back in 2004, taking in an estimated $90 million on a roughly $20 million budget.


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