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“Anchorman” sequel dies quickly

It happens a lot these days, but I'm about to lose my "write about news that broke on Twitter" virginity. Producer/director Adam McKay tweeted that Paramount has passed on the opportunity to take on an Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy sequel as we previously reported looking like a go not but a few days ago. One can only assume he's a bit upset since he broke this news quickly to the public through a medium often used for spreading quick buzz.

McKay told MTV recently that there were some budget concerns on Paramount's end. He did say Paul Rudd and Steve Carell had agreed to take pay cuts to make this thing happen, but apparently Paramount doesn't have the money or was simply disinterested in producing a comedy sequel. The original "Anchorman" earned $90 million at the world box office in 2004, nearly four times its estimated production budget.

The travesty here is not so much Paramount, in my opinion, but that according to McKay, everyone down to Christina Applegate was on board to make this movie happen and yet Paramount still said no. The opportunity for them to change their mind (perhaps the goal of McKay turning to Twitter at first) still exists, but if they do, we're likely not looking at another adventure with Ron Burgundy coming out any time in the next two years.


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