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And So It Begins: The Holiday Shopping Frenzy

We’ve been run ragged for the last week trying to keep up with all of the holiday sales that have been popping up all over the internet.  Now we enter the week before Black Friday, which  is also the week before “Cyber Monday”.  For those of you who aren’t aware, “Cyber Monday” is the myth that retailers made up to create hype about online sales the Monday after Thanksgiving.  The whole Black Friday and Cyber Monday thing have officially become moot with the relentless “Pre Black Friday” sales that we had for the last week, however we here at Player Affinity just love cheap games, so we’ll cover as many of the damned sales as we can over the next week, or rather six weeks since there will be relentless retail publicity stunts right up through New Year’s Day.

Today Amazon started their Black Friday Week sale which has lightnin’ deals on video games.  Every few hours some new thing will go on sale at Amazon.  It won’t always be a PC game, so you’ll just have to check back often (Or just ignore it entirely and wait for the “Just PC” sale somewhere else).  We’ll make a Newsflash post if something really good turns up. 


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