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And the Next Movie is… Hack/Slash

Ever since this now renowned horror series hit the stands in 2007, the creators said it would become a movie. It's 2011. Still no movie. With all the remakes now in the world of horror, people are begging to see some originality, and transferring this series from comics to a feature length film would be the perfect Halloween treat. A lot of speculation has gone in to what it could be about and who should play lead heroine Cassie Hack, behemoth of a bodyguard and friend Vlad, and the various other supporting characters in Hack/Slash. I'm here to say what I think should be, and hopefully one day will be in the future Hack/Slash movie. The movie needs to have the combined blood shed and comedy that the series has, and therefore deserves some of the greatest names in horror. Director of Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream Wes Craven Who better to direct this slasher film than the king of slasher films, Nightmare on Elm Street creator himself Wes Craven. As long as he avoids the classic horror clichés and follows the directing spark he had during the Nightmare movies and earlier Scream films. Shawnee Smith as Amanda from Saw III. The sassy, sexy and taking names Cassie Hack could be played by Shawnee Smith, known for her role as Amanda in the Saw films. She did play a fragile character in the Saw films with a killer instinct, and I would love to see her take it a step further by becoming a full-time psycho who can pull off very sympathetic moments. Kane Hodder, stuntman Jason Voorhees. Kane Hodder is perfect for the role of Vlad. His name may not sound familiar, but his resume will: he is synonymous with the name Jason Voorhees, the killer in Friday the 13th. He was considered the best Jason, playing him in two films. But not only can he capture the physical build and violence of Vlad, but also his sympathetic side. His role as the father of the deformed Victor Crowley in Hatchet was a tear-jerker that made you instantly sympathize with him through just his expressions alone. He is more than capable to take on Vlad and could use a breakthrough in his acting career – a role with actual words!  To see him perform with some dialogue you can also watch him in Fear Clinic playing alongside Robert Englund.  Freddy and Jason reunited on screen! Cassie and Vlad's dog Pooch. Now we enter the battle between CGI (computer generated imagery) and puppets. Which method should be used to create Cassie and Vlad's undead dog Pooch? Puppets have become outdated now a days, and while they are really there, unlike CGI Pooch's movements, would not be as fluid if he was a puppet. I would definitely enjoy some top notch CGI work on him. And, as a special treat that I would enjoy in the film, how about as quick cameo from actor Jeffrey Combs playing Dr. Herbert West from Re-Animator? The original Hack/Slash series did have a three-parter featuring him and I would enjoy the quick cameo, a perfect nod to fans of the comic and horror movie fans alike. This film will be great, if it is ever made, and if you have never heard of Hack/Slash, check out some of our reviews of the series – it's the perfect thing if you are in a bloodthirsty mood this Halloween! Hack/Slash #1 slated to be a major motion picture.


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