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And the Next Movie is… Spawn 2

After more than ten years circling in hell with Violator, Spawn 2 was dug up again by writer Todd McFarlane in 2009.  He began writing a script for the anticipated sequel but said, "The story has been in my head for 7 or 8 years." McFarlane goes on to say, "The movie idea is neither a recap or continuation. It is a standalone story that will be R-rated. Creepy and scary." With the slew of comic movies coming mostly from Marvel geared toward a more teenage audience, Spawn 2, like its predecessor, will be geared toward adults.  The film is supposedly coming but I would not hold my breath considering creators' tendencies to promise the world and then never deliver (case and point Duke Nukem Forever). There were so many plots and characters that fans of Spawn missed in the first Spawn movie.  Sam and Twitch, partners on the force, only had a quick homage paid to them towards the end of SpawnSpawn 2 could focus more heavily on them and another character that shows a lot of promise: Angela, an angel that tried to kill Spawn in the comics while killing numerous others in the process.  Her scantily-clad self would be much appreciated as eye candy.  But hopefully if she is in the script, that won't be her only purpose and she will actually have an impact on the plot. Spawn 2 Teaser Poster Angela could be a minor villain making way for Violator’s return.  He may have been in the first movie, but he provided some of the best comedic moments and he will be greatly missed if left out of the sequel – not to mention McFarlane will get several angry letters from Spawn fan-boys about leaving Violator out.  Still, it would not be pertinent to make him the main villain either.  Just have him provide more humor, get into a catfight with Angela and irritate Spawn relentlessly.  Jason Wynn as a dark and grim villain would be best after his fatherly portrayal in the first Spawn, making him a villain would be an interesting twist. But with so many possible characters comes the question:  Who will play them?  These are some of the best actors/actresses I think McFarlane should select: Will Smith as Spawn? Will Smith as Spawn: He may mostly play a cocky and sarcastic lead, but Will Smith can bring the pain and torment Spawn’s character is often plagued with that Will Smith had in The Pursuit of Happiness and Seven Pounds.  His comic relief will also be a great addition to a movie bound to be full of grim moments – hey, someone other than Violator can crack a joke. Halle Berry as Wanda, Spawn's wife?  Halle Berry as Wanda: Halle Berry is no stranger to comic-related movies, a factor that actually does not help her considering Catwoman is never absent from a Top Ten Worst Comic Book Movies list.  But that was mostly due to the story and Halle Berry has given many great performances in the past – not to mention with her short hair she looks strikingly similar to Spawn’s wife Wanda. Samuel L. Jackson as Jason Wynn?  Samuel L. Jackson as Jason Wynn: Samuel L. Jackson knows how to be a compelling and scary villain. His role as Mr. Glass in Unbreakable shows just how great a villain he can be.  If he can bring a shred of what he had accomplished from that role he would make a fantastic Jason Wynn. Danny Devito as Violator?  Danny Devito as Violator: When I first watched Spawn I could have sworn the actor playing Violator was Danny Devito – his voice sounds very similar, his physical appearance is the same and he is a very good comedic actor.  He also has the creepy demeanor Violator needs that Devito brought in Batman Returns when he played the Penguin. Eliza Dushku from Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Angela?  Eliza Dushku as Angela: Angela is sassy and dangerous – who better to play her than the actress that played former vampire slayer Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  We know she can cause carnage and be sexy at the same time, so what else does Angela need? Jeffrey Combs as Twitch?  Jeffery Combs as Twitch: Combs could dawn his glasses again for his role as Twitch.  We know he can play a bit of a sociopathic personality from his role as Herbert West in Re-Animator and still show a sensitive side that he brings to his other roles.  The genius and eccentric detective Twitch screams Combs. Michael Masden as Sam? Michael Madsen as Sam: Michael Madsen has played a cop in the past with Sam’s exact traits. He has experience with Sam’s type of character and is just as reminiscent of Sam as Halle Berry is with Wanda. Spawn 2 could take many forms since McFarlane is supposedly disregarding the first movie and making a “standalone story.”  As long as it lives up to the R-rating with the violence and humor Spawn delivered in the past (and maybe include a few of the stars listed above), I won’t be complaining.  And while there are a ton of people sickened by the grotesque humor and violent nature of the first film, many are clamoring for more.  Just don't disappoint, McFarlane! Comments made by Todd McFarlane were originally on comingsoon.net.


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