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Android Apps to Temporarily Power Blackberry 10 Market

RIM’s Blackberry, formerly recognized as Research In Motion, has placed a great measure of importance on the incorporation of apps. RIM has said its two new Blackberry 10 devices will launch around 80,000 apps. BlackBerry Vice President of Global Alliances and Business Development, Martyn Mallick, claims that almost half of these apps will be from an Android source which is interested and advantageous for both parties.

Developers will be able to use the BlackBerry 10 SDK to adjust Android code into usable material that the new BlackBerry operating system can support. The Android SDK is also rather versatile in that it converts menu layouts into the Blackberry based platform.

Reportedly, these Android apps are performing well within the Blackberry environment. They anticipate that the Android apps will make use as a bridge until Blackberry World, their app store, can create a dependable foundation of solid BB apps. Much like other leading companies, they create springboard incentive programs where they try to encourage developers to help contribute to their app market. The program projects $10,000 in revenue for BB apps for the first year alone.

As I stated earlier, Blackberry will find their resurgence into the smartphone era through getting developers of top mobile apps on their team. BB’s optimistic goals lie in the realm of 100 to 200 of the most used apps across the board. They hope to beat out competition with 3 approaches: top downloads on competing platforms, which services are hot on the market right now, and Martyn Mallick’s gut feeling on decision making.

What is even more shocking than Blackberry’s vengeful return is their faith in the Android app market; does that present public recognition of Android’s growing dominance? Apple users may not admit to so but even if Blackberry 10 devices begin market frenzy, it is at the hands of Android’s doing. Where does that leave future smartphones?


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