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Andy Serkis, Ian McKellen confirmed for “The Hobbit”

In news that should surprise nobody for all the right reasons, Deadline has it that Andy Serkis, the burgeoning godfather of motion capture acting, will reprise the role of Gollum for his “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson in the upcoming two part “Hobbit” project. Hot on the heels of this announcement, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Ian McKellen, who after years of expressing his desire to make the project, has finally put pen to paper for the prequel films.

It’s not all that surprising as both Serkis and McKellen have expressed a desire to return to their respective roles since the project’s earliest stages (back when Guillermo Del Toro was the director). Due to the massive financing and licensing issues surrounding The Hobbit these past years, both of their returns to the prequel project went from a gung-ho guarantee to a tentative hope.

Now that Warner Bros. has come onboard to help with the budget and worldwide distribution, casting deals are being made seemingly every week. Just last week, Elijah Wood was confirmed to return as Frodo Baggins and Cate Blanchett is set to reprise the role of Galadriel, both roles not present in the original “Hobbit” book. Regardless of continuity, The Hobbit is looking more and more like a gathering of Jackson’s All-Star Team both in front of and behind the camera, and that’s not something to get down about.



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