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Angry Birds Launching Onto XBLA

For those who have not yet experienced the joys of flinging homicidal avian, developer Rovio said that they plan on bringing their popular physics-based phone game Angry Birds to Xbox Live Arcade.

The announcement, reported by Pocket Gamer, came as part of a speech by Rovio staff at the first Social Gaming Summit which took place in London on Nov. 11. Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka said that his company plans on bringing the game to XBLA, Playstation Network and the Wii before they work on a sequel to the game.

Rovio also said that Angry Birds multiplayer is a “priority” for them and described it as being similar to Worms series of games, which featured turn-based battles and destructible environments. It has not yet been confirmed what platforms multiplayer will show up on, but it seems like a natural fit for Xbox Live Arcade.


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