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‘Angry Birds’ Movie finds a writer and a producer

Angry Birds has become cultural phenomenon and the biggest game app in history. A movie is on the way and now the adaptation has a writer and a producer, Jon Vitti and Catherine Winder.

Jon Vitti is a highly successful TV writer, writing on shows like The Simpsons, King of the Hill and The Larry Sanders Show, even earning a Primetime Emmy nomination for The Larry Sanders Show episode “Hank’s Sex Tape”.

Catherine Winder is an experience producer and production manager in the world of animation, working on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and various TV shows.

It is clear with the talent that the Angry Birds movie is going for a comic, family tone, but also could have too much of televisual feel to it. But then Simpsons alumni Don Payne had a successful career as a screenwriter.

The other risks for the movie is how can a game based on cartoon birds knocking down buildings be able to substance a movie and the franchise is be overexposed so it could lead a backlash towards the movie.

The news comes the courtesy of Deadline.


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