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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Direct Adds Tons to the Game

"Free update available now"
Today, Nintendo broadcasted a silly little Nintendo Direct for the big new update to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The three-year old game is one of the best selling and most beloved games on the Nintendo 3DS. It seems Nintendo wanted to reward those playing as well as deliver new stuff for free. https://youtu.be/5Bk3dAR0M68 First of all, the current Animal Crossing series amiibo figures (the ones that are clearance out in every store) let you invite them into your game along with their RVs. They can give you an in-game Wii U or New Nintendo 3DS, which will give you access to the new mini-games Desert Island Escape and Animal Crossing Puzzle League. The latter is another spinoff off of the Puzzle League games like Pokémon Puzzle League on N64 or Planet Puzzle League on DS). jxmyazs If you find the magic lamp, you can use the lamp once a day to summon Wisp. He’ll allow you to tap a compatible amiibo and invite that respective character to your village. This allows you for the first time to customize your villagers, since usually everything happens with its own ebb and flow. w2a8efv On December 2nd, a fifth Animal Crossing amiibo card set releases with fifty new amiibo cards of never-before-seen villagers. These villagers are in their own RVs, which you can have them move in once you hang out with them in the campground. Six cards in that set are a collaboration with Sanrio, makers of Hello Kitty, and are obtainable from specially marked packs. A new retail version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf releases on December 2nd too. Still for $20, it’ll have a fifth series amiibo card inside the box as well as the update already in the cartridge. tgnil5f A new campground opens in your town after the update. By tapping amiibo figures or cards, a character will show up in their custom RV. Splatoon and Zelda amiibo are also compatible, which can unlock villagers like Wolf Link, Ganon, Epona, Medli, and a couple of Callie and Marie cosplayers. You can also get items for it like Inkling hats, Zelda: Breath of the Wild outfits, chests, splatted furniture and more. iq3mn7e Outside of amiibo, they also added MEOW (Mutual Exchange of Wealth) Coupons, as sort of challenges on a daily or weekly basis. You can obtain never-before-seen items at the campground that can only be purchased with these coupons. Bells can be used to obtain a new storeroom for your house at Nook’s Homes. You can access this storeroom from anywhere in your house and it stores tons of collectibles. This allows you to keep a LOT more items than ever before in an Animal Crossing game. vzeqyep When I reviewed Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, I mentioned how cool it’d be to redecorate your house in a traditional Animal Crossing. Instead of waiting for a new installment to add that feature, Nintendo added it to New Leaf! You can now customize your home by moving around your furniture and items using the 3DS’s touch screen instead of dragging them around like you’re in a Zelda dungeon. Speaking of Happy Home Designer, if you have save data from it, you can link your data and unlock twenty giant furniture items in New Leaf. t1dearq This is a huge update for New Leaf, and it’s available now for free. If you don’t have any amiibo, I mentioned that most retailers are clearing the AC ones out for cheap. It’s your best chance of making good use of the update. If you haven’t played New Leaf, it’s the best in the AC series. One of the best games on the Nintendo 3DS as a whole just gotten even bigger.


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