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Another New Killer Is Dead Trailer

Grasshopper Manufacture's new game, Killer is Dead, received a new trailer today.  It looks to continue Suda 51's perverted genius with his next game. The trailer gives off a hugely suggestive vibe of sexuality. (Though the trailer is called "Mondo Girls") Literally the entirety trailer seemed to have dedicated its marketing towards juveniles. While brief, the glimpses of combat in the game looks amazing. Suda 51 looks to create another hack-and-slash game to accompany his No More Heroes franchise and the recent Lollipop Chainsaw. You can see the trailer below.

I played Shadows of the Damned and loved it, but I am sad to report that I personally haven't played anything else created by Suda 51. For fans of his games, what do you think of this latest trailer, too many girls, and too little violence? Let us know in the comments below.


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