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Another One: Call of Duty: WWII

As part of a livestream delving into how the game was created, Activision has dropped the first official trailer for Call of Duty: WWII. Straying away from the modern era, Call of Duty: WWII intends to return the series to its roots as a World War II shooter. The trailer focuses on a number of shots of the European from of the war, including the storming of Normandy Beach, a tank fight in a forest, and several shots of airplanes. During the reveal event for the game, Activision talked about the several ways the game tries to capture the feel of World War II. I played both of last year’s Call of Duty and Battlefield and I enjoyed Battlefield much more. I liked the risk it took for bringing back an older shooter genre. It turned out very well in their favor. They also dropped several teases about some of the other modes in the game. Along with a single-player campaign, Sledgehammer confirmed the game will have a zombies mode. This information came complete with a single screen shot of a reanimated, disfigured solider. Before signing off, Sledgehammer also showed a brief snippet of how the multiplayer might look. Not only will the game include a co-op mode featuring its own story, multiplayer is expected to be bigger than before. In the footage Sledgehammer shown, a shot quickly follows two soldiers with online handles over their heads. After peeking over the edge, the camera shows a sea of soldiers with similar handles, indicating the game may have a more open multiplayer environment. During the presentation, Sledgehammer also hinted at letting players hang out between matches. Whether this shot was that between-game lobby or bigger game modes remains to be seen. I’m hoping this shot is a look at a bigger game mode. I enjoyed the bigger multiplayer battles of Battlefield 1. Although, they were sometimes frantic, I feel like Sledgehammer has the opportunity to fix the issues that their competitor had. The company has also announced the release date for the game: November 3rd. Activision has also announced that the game will have a playable beta, scheduled for some time later this year. Anyone can get into this beta by pre-ordering the game now. I’m interested in seeing what Activision has to offer this year. I hope the game does well especially since I didn’t enjoy Infinite Warfare at all. The major issue here is that Activision has to rethink their formula and how they approach this new game. If Activision just makes the modern game with a World War II skin over it, it won’t be a very good game. At this point, Call of Duty has reused old formulas giving fans a familiar taste that they just don’t like anymore. The only way to really make this new game succeed is by taking some risks and trying some new ideas. Making it a World War II shooter is the start. Now we wait and see what new additions Sledgehammer will add to the formula. Check out the trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4Q_XYVescc


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