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‘Apes’ Director Talks Ideas for a Sequel

Hot off the successful debut of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, director Rupert Wyatt sounds keen on continuing the revamped “Apes” storyline: one that has jumped his career forward 50 points in a single weekend. Recently, he and VFX supervisor Dan Lemmon met with Bleeding Cool and discussed ideas for a future installment. Can’t say I warned you about spoilers, because you should already know how “Apes” ends.

Wyatt said: “There’s so much we could do…you could start this story again eight years from where we left off, the next generation of apes, those that have come from our protagonists, perhaps going in to a conflict with humans and showing real fear, in the same way as going into war for young soldiers in this day and age, telling their story. Or how apes are taking over cities, and being moved into human environments and having to interact with them and deal with things that are part of our culture…spies that are in the employ of the apes, working against humans and humans maybe existing underground, because that’s a way they can avoid the virus, coming up above ground wearing gas masks, and maybe that’s what dehumanises them.”

It sounds like Wyatt is thinking long term success. He will lead "Apes" commercial and critical success.  The movie is interesting, especially about humans that betray humans to the apes, or the apes traits continuing to evolve into more human characteristics (such as speech). At week number two at the box office, at this point we can only speculate the movie series' success.


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