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Aphrodite IX Solo Series Reannounced

Aphrodite IX (not the same one who terrorized the protagonists in Artifacts, that's Aphrodite IV) is getting her own re-launched series from Top Cow, and the first issue is free! Aphrodite IX #1 will be released on May 4th, 2013, as a part of Free Comic Book Day alongside comics like Molly Danger/Princeless. Aphrodite IX will be written by Top Cow's President Matt Hawkins (Think Tank) and will be drawn by Stjepan Sejic (Artifacts, Witchblade) whose gorgeous artwork I have enjoyed (and praised) before. The focus of the series is on the titular Aphrodite IX. The assassin with memory problems wakes up in a dystopian future with genetically modified and cybernetically enhanced factions at war and there is very little left in the world. FCBD: Aphrodite IX #1 Cover Writer Matt Hawkins shares his thought on the character: "Aphrodite IX has always been my favorite character at Top Cow... She's interesting visually, combined with a personality that's sort of out of control of her own experiences and lost in the tangled web of her own mind. Combining my love of real futuristic tech and genetics with Stjepan Sejic's insane visuals we're hoping the readers enjoy the ride." After her first issue Aphrodite IX's series will be released on a monthly basis at $2.99. The next issue will come out on June 12th. And for those interested in more Aphrodite IX, the graphic novel she first appeared in back in 1996 (Aphrodite Reloaded) will be re-released in a limited edition hardcover this summer. But this re-release will have an updated script written by the series co-creator David Wohl (who created Aphrodite alongside David Finch). Hopefully the series will last longer than the original which premiered back in 2000 and only lasted six issues. But with the president of the publisher behind him and one of my favorite artists, I have high hopes for this series.


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