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Apparently Everquest 2 Is Still A Thing

Remember back in 2004 when we all played games like Lineage, Final Fantasy XI and Diablo 2 on our dial up modems, and thought we were having fun? Yeah, well there was a game called Everquest 2 back then and, according to Sony's press release, Everquest 2 still exists, and they're still making stuff for it.

If you're the guy who plays this "Multiplayer" game, then you'll be happy to hear that a new update called "The Children of War" is now available, and it will add in many new features for Player Versus Player combat... on the assumption that there is more than one player logged in at any moment.

But all kidding aside, this is the 60th content update for the game, and that's a damn impressive run for the developers.  They’re still providing free content to their customers after all this time, and even put out a major commercial expansion pack a few months ago with Destiny of Velious. 

The new content is out now, so if you let your account slip, this the excuse you were waiting for to log back into Norrath and help kick Rallos Zek out of the Fortress of Drunder.  More about the update can be found at the Everquest 2 website.  And don’t forget that there’s a Free-to-play version of the game if you never gave it a shot.



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