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Aquaman #1 – Review

Okay, first let's get this straight: I love Geoff Johns. You love Geoff Johns. The comic world loves Geoff Johns, and that's no surprise -- he's a great writer. But, I must admit, when I first heard that one of the comics he was writing for The New 52 was Aquaman,  I immediately thought it was going to be a failure. I've never read Aquaman before, but can you blame me? It's Aquaman! So when I started reading Geoff John's Aquaman #1, my expectations weren't the highest, but then something happened: I was blown away. With an incredibly well-drawn, smart, dramatic, and even funny first issue, Geoff Johns has proven me wrong and shown me that Aquaman is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the DC Universe.

aquamanThe issue gets straight to the point quickly. Aquaman is the punch line to everyone's jokes. From being called "tuna man" and even a "laughingstock," Johns made it clear that I wasn't the only person here who didn't take Aquaman seriously. By using this method of showing how much of a joke Aquaman is to everyone, and also by showing us a great deal of emotion building up inside of him, Geoff Johns is able to introduce Aquaman in a manner that is both entertaining and fluid. This issue moves along without feeling rushed, and it gives Aquaman's reintroduction a very organic feel. Plus, it doesn't hurt that we get to see Aquaman flip a van with his trident-- which leads me to my next point: the artwork.

Drawn by Ivan Reis, the artwork in this issue is stunning. So much care and precision was put into each drawing that I didn't find a sloppy frame in the whole issue. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the whole issue felt balanced, and the artwork complemented the story with the same feel. There are no missed frames, and each transition logically led to the next portion of the comic, which helped keep me enveloped in the issue for the whole ride. Even the one frame flashbacks were inserted so meticulously, that it didn't interrupt my read at all. What also managed to make the artwork standout is the incredible coloring job done by Rod Reis, who managed to make each frame stand out in its own right, never putting too much emphasis in unnecessary areas.  In short: the artwork was stunning.

So you did it, Johns. With one swift, incredible issue, you have managed to turn me into an Aquaman believer. Through some comedic moments, pretty intense action, and raw drama, you have hooked me into the world of Aquaman. If Johns continues at the rate this issue went, I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up being one of the best releases from The New 52. For all of you Aquaman fans-- rejoice! This issue will not disappoint you! And as for any Aquaman doubters out there, I say pick this issue up without hesitation. You won't regret it. Hell, Geoff Johns might just make a believer out of you too.



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