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Archaia Press – Legend of the Guard #3 Preview

Here at Player Affinity Comics we love us some Mouse Guard. That's not to say that any of us can top Neil and his love of all furry animals doing human-esc things, but we enjoy Mouse Guard too! Next week Archaia Press is releasing the third issue of Legend of the Guard. This has been the first series not entirely written and drawn by creator David Peterson. The series has been an assortment of tales (both tall and short) set in the world of the Mouse Guard. Even if you missed the first two issues you can still pick up the third and enjoy it as they are self contained stories. Granted there is a unifying element between all the tales, but you can read Neil's reviews for the first and the second issue to get caught up. For more information stop by Archaia Press' site.


Retail Price: $3.50

Page Count: 24 pages
Format: saddle bound, 8" x 8", full color
On-sale Date: September 1, 2010
Written by Jason Shawn Alexander, Katie Cook, Guy Davis, Nate Pride and David Petersen
Illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander, Katie Cook, Guy Davis, Nate Pride and David Petersen

The June Alley Inn, located in the western mouse city of Barkstone, is lively tonight—a throng of mice are excitedly spinning fantastic yarns in a storytelling contest! The tall tales in this issue include: a mouse raised by foxes must come to terms with what he really is; a mouse artist is taught a lesson after a critic is motivated by one of his owl paintings; a Guardmouse employs an unusual method to protect a town from a flood; and, in a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven," a mouse is tortured by the loss of his love. LEGENDS OF THE GUARD is a continuing anthology series with artists and storytellers handpicked by creator David Petersen. Featured in this issue are tales by Guy Davis (B.P.R.D.), Katie Cook (FRAGGLE ROCK), Nate Pride (LIBRARY OF WONDER: JULES VERNE) and Jason Shawn Alexander (QUEEN & COUNTRY).

Legends 3 Cover
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Page 5Enticed? Pick it up on Wednesday!


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