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Archaia Press Preview: Beronas War

From Archaia Press, comes a preview of Berona's War.  Written and illustrated by Anthony Coffey  and Jesse Labbé

Cute and cuddly on the outside, but malevolent to the core, the Ele-Alta and Cropones will continue to battle even at the risk of extinction! After two races claim the same piece of land, words turn to rage, rage turns to battle and a battle turns to war. The island of Berona will claim countless lives and lay witness to the horrors that greed has to offer!

The BERONA’S WAR PREVIEW BOOK serves as an introduction to the upcoming hardcover releases BERONA’S WAR: FIELD GUIDE (July) and BERONA’S WAR: FIGHT FOR AMITY (Winter), a pair of books introducing some of the wackiest, most violence-prone characters since “Spy Vs. Spy” and classic Looney Tunes! The preview features descriptions of each book, a rundown of key players in the war, three short stores, and several pages of concept sketches and ideas.

Teen 13+ (This series contains content suitable for Teen Readers 13 and above.)
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