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Archaia Terrorizes with Moon Lake

If there's one genre that comics lends itself to perfectly, it's horror. That being said Archaia Press is releasing it's first horror theme graphic novel entitled Moon Lake. Being a fan of horror I was intrigued by the concept of the book. Moon Lake is the setting for all of the stories contained in the novel and essentially ties them together. Like a lot of classic horror TV shows and comics not all of the horror is shown, in fact a few of the stories end just as the real horror is beginning.

The concept of the book comes from Dan Folger (Fanboys, Balls of Fury), who also writes/narrates between the chapter breaks of the novel. He's a demonic Alfred Hitchcock-esc character that holds your hand and guides you to the horror awaiting you. Having viewed a preview of nearly all the stories I can say that there is a variety of horror styles from gruesome violence, to gore for the sake of gore, a horror that is laying in wait and all the way to campy 80's slasher style horror.

One of the stories I can't wait to read upon the books release in October, is Camp Sasquatch. With "Camp" in the title you should be able to guess that this story is in the 80's slasher vain more than anything else. It's written by Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash: My First Maniac) who's a top name in horror comics and drawn by Robbi Rodriguez (Maintenance, Resurrection). The story has a mixture of mystery while playing to every camp horror stereotype, but really hits the mark every time.

Another story entitled "Cave Girl," features the art of Tommy Castillo who worked on Toe Tags featuring George A. Romero. Once you've worked with the God-Father of zombie films you really don't have to prove yourself in the genre anymore. Castillo's art work is gorgeous as the story is set in prehistoric times and is filled with gore and Dinosaurs.

We were lucky enough to be given a preview of two of the stories. The first is Black Bear Blues by Stef Hutchinson and Jeff Daly that spoofs the documentary the "Grizzly Man" only with very different results so enjoy!
BBB Page 1
BBB Page 2
BBB Page 3
BBB Page 4
BBB Page 5
BBB page 6Well there you have it! If you're interested in reading more then I highly encourage you to pick up Moon Lake from Archaia Press available in October. If you need another preview to really convince you that its worth picking up then stay tuned to the site and we'll give you yet another reason to pick up this original graphic novel.



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