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Archer – Job Offer

After capturing a thief and losing the collar to ODIN, Lana gets an offer to come to ODIN and Archer thinks it includes him. We find out Lana has a history with one of their agents as well. They hire Archer and Malory blacklists him in a drunken stupor.

Archer gets himself fired by his own mother and then goes and gets a job at ODIN. Of course the same inane antics ensue at ODIN that always do at ISIS except the "employees" are a lot more willing and able. Especially the French woman who is the head of HR!

The offer for the job actually was from Barry Dylan to Lana. Barry is one of Lana's ex-partners. Len Trexler voiced by Jeffrey Tambor at ODIN can't resist hiring Archer though to get Malory's goat. You see they've had a relationship before and it's Len's goal to get at Malory whenever he can. Matter of fact Len sets up Archer with the French HR person not knowing his main agent Barry was engaged to her!

Lana shows up looking for a job with Cyril in tow. He had "secretly" followed her to Paris where ODIN is headquartered. In the end things all seem to go a little hay-wired and Lana and Archer are headed back to ISIS minus Cyril.

Sassy, offending, and wonderful as always. One of the best episodes so far of the first season. I was glad to see the show get renewed despite falling numbers. It's an outrageous animated comedy action thriller. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
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