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Archer – Killing Utne

Malory wants the contract with the UN so she gives a party for the UN Chairman in charge of making those decisions. She even plans an assassination attempt. Of course everything goes awry and in the end everyone must improvise a reasonable ending.

One of the best episodes so far. The humor and the double meanings are flying in this episode.

Malory invites all the principal players from the office to take part. She also tells Lana and Sterling to come visibly armed which is a little strange for a cocktail party.

What they don't know is a few German's who Malory hired are actual Russian Agents intent on killing the UN Chairman Torvald Utne. Unbeknown-st to Malory, Sterling picks up a hot women on the street who just happens to be another Russian Agent who also is planning on killing Utne.

Malory had hired the German's to fake an attack on Utne and then the ISIS Agents would save the Chairman and then he'd have to give the contracts to ISIS.

Everything goes haywire and nothing goes to plan, Malory and the team play it by ear and just may get those contracts after all.

Wonderful satire and some sexy humor. A very fun show to watch. I hope they keep the episodes coming! Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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