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Archer – Midnight Ron Review: Shut your Poutine Hole!

In this episode, Archer "blows his cover" and needs to be rescued. Luckily, Ron makes himself available to help and some road journey bonding ensues. Last night's episode of Archer had some great jokes and visual gags as always, but the main storyline and the almost non-existent B-story were bland and uninteresting. Halfway through the episode I caught myself wondering if something was going to happen and where all the hilariously offensive gags were. Alas, there came a gang of cross dressing, lingerie clad thugs. So weird, so random, so potentially offensive, this is why we love Archer.

But my expectations for this random development were too high, and I was disappointed by the way the narrative went. While Archer's reaction to their obstacle was pretty funny, as well as surprisingly PC, "Hey guys, if you know, that's how you self-identify." This was a missed opportunity. The reveal of the gang was so off the wall that it was sufficiently funny as a slight and quick inconvenience for Archer and Ron (watching them wade their way through the mud in their "disturbingly sexy" high-heels was pretty awesome.) I wish the writers did more with this band of cross-dressers. Instead they were just a minor glitch in Archer and Ron's journey. At the end of the day they had no substantial purpose, other than setting up the payoff for the "no more bullets" gag. It would have been fun to get to know these characters more, learn about their history and quirks. How and why did they form their little posse? What kind of treats do they have at their craft services table? These are things we need to know!

There were enough hilarious moments to make it a good half-hour of television, such as Ron's background completely contradicting Malory's perception of who he is and Ron's refusal to let her know he actually isn't the "most boringest man on this entire planet of earth." It was unexpected and welcomed. Now that Archer and Ron share a secret and a small bond it'll be fun to see how Archer could use it against his mother in the future. Archer and Ron did seem to have a nice father-son banter thing going on, throwing insults and digs at one another. Their conversations had a natural meandering quality to them, like when Archer starts talking about Chuds, which then blossomed into a conversation about sewer gators. It was both a seamless transition and insanely funny. The dialogue during the scene where they jump on the train was also excellent and I look forward to seeing Ron interact more with Archer as well as the rest of the characters over at ISIS.

All the scenes with the rest of the gang were great; I just wish they weren't so scarce. It was fun to see all the different ways the employees rejected Archer's pleas for help; Lana's very succinct and direct dismissal (even before Archer had uttered a word) and Cyril's mocking laughter were probably the most effective in communicating just how much these people despise each other; the others' reactions showed their pure indifference for Archer's well being. No surprise that absolutely nobody wanted to help Archer out of his jam. We got too little of Pam, Lana, and et al. Since this episode seemed to focus more on the budding relationship between Ron and Archer, the rest of the characters definitely got shortchanged. This show is best when it is an ensemble and we have all these ridiculous characters interacting with each other.

It was great to learn that the only favor Archer has ever done for any of his co-workers was giving Cheryl Chlamydia. It was such an appropriate favor for Archer to have unknowingly given, and also a great character moment for Cheryl. Her frankness and unabashed openness never cease to provide new disturbing information about the character. Judy Greer's nonchalant delivery of her outrageous lines only heightens the comedic dialogue. She truly is one of the most sick and twisted characters on television and that's why she's awesome. There were certainly elements to criticize about this episode but ultimately it was an enjoyable and amusing installment. It wasn't the best, but still better than much of what's airing on TV at the moment.

Oh yeah, this happened:

Random Thoughts:

- Pam pouring the absinthe into the milk carton was probably my favorite sight gag. Just the questions that it brought up. Is she going to go to town on that carton and drink it all herself (we all know how prone she is to consume large quantities of drink and food) or is she going to put it back into a communal fridge and treat everyone in the ISIS office to a nice buzz for the day? I suspect it's the former, but that's just me. It also reminded me of the early days of Mad Men when we saw Roger Sterling pouring a healthy portion of vodka into his morning glass of milk

- "Sometimes I think I should just run away. But who would take me in? No one, Woodhouse, no one." So, so pathetic, so, so funny.

- Sterling making Woodhouse eat a bowl of spider webs is too perfect, poor Woodhouse.

- "Get off, chlamidiot!" Hands down my favorite line of the episode, Cheryl's reaction was great.

- Ron addressing himself in the 3rd person is "frickin epic."

- How many oxides does carbon have, anyway?

- Pam carrying around a crock-pot is never not funny.

- "Oh my God, it's just like Carol the old gypsy woman said... I gotta start going to that gypsy."

- "Dr. Bates, paging Dr. Norman Bates."

- "Master P. would totally be proud."

- "Oh, and the whore has bangs."

- "Oh my God, it's just like Carol the old gypsy woman said... I gotta start going to that gypsy."

- "Dr. Bates, paging Dr. Norman Bates."

- "Master P. would totally be proud."

- "Oh, and the whore has bangs."



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