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Archer – Mole Hunt

In this episode Archer gets in trouble for fudging his expenses so he creates the story of a Mole within ISIS so he can get into the mainframe to fix his account. In the end something surprising occurs.

Not quite as good as the first episode shown as these were shown out of order.  We get to see some of Archer's training bits, some of his bad behavior in general, and his constant lying which seems to be the crux of his character.

His Mother is angry at him for spending company money on personal things and hiding it in his expense account. He goes to the comptroller and gets nowhere. Then he goes to the head of HR and that is when he mentions there is a Mole in the company. Of course the HR lady immediately spreads the news throughout ISIS creating an interesting situation when Archer decides to break into the mainframe later that night.

Amusing, funny at times, and outrageous. I am not sure if anything is out of bounds yet, but it sure is fun! Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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