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Archer – Movie Star

Ditsy airhead actress, Roma Thorn, is tapped to play a spy in her new movie. So what’s her first move? Make a deal with Malory Archer to go with Lana and learn the tricks of the trade while Archer tries to hone in on the action. Meanwhile, Carol, Pam and Gillette obsess over the megastar in their office with their “Operation Dick Sledge.” Need I say it? Hilarity ensues. I don’t even have to write a review to let you all know how “amazinnnnnngggg” this episode was, but I have to anyway.

This week’s episode gave us three threads to chew on (or eat and pull out of you over the course of a week -- if you’ve seen the episode, you’ll get that). Archer and Lana going head-to-head over the training of Roma, the “gals” of the office sneaking into Roma’s penthouse to pull a classic high school tradition that goes horribly wrong and Malory trying to rewrite a movie script with Cyril (and let’s just say she has some very specific “ideas” about the story). On paper, this episode could have easily fallen flat on its ass. Not only did it succeed, but it blew me away. Not quite as good as some of the other episodes, but this is definitely in my top 5 for the series so far.

Normally, the subplot involving the ISIS drones would usually be the weak point of the episode, but in this case it was on par and may have even been better, depending on whom your favorite characters are. Carol has really only had one episode that made her absolutely hilarious -- the one with Conway -- and we tend to forget just how funny she can actually be. Getting a glimpse into her past as well as seeing how she handles situations with the police was executed perfectly. She works best when she’s crazy, and they took it to eleven in this episode. I don’t think we’ll have to deal with them getting arrested next week, but who knows? This season has been so different from the last one; they could honestly go in any direction from this point.

Let's move on to the main story. Rona was incredibly annoying, but so annoying I didn’t want to skip past her scene. They show you just enough of her being irritating without going overboard. When a show tries to introduce characters like this, they tend to go nuts with it and you end up hating them more than the fictional characters. The interplay between Archer and Lana was great. They always work well together, but giving them something to argue over besides the form relationship was a refreshing change of pace and makes you think that they may even become friends again later on (probably not, but it’s a nice little thought…. Shut up!).

The third plot that involved Cyril and Malory was, as you may have expected, awesome. We had hints that Malory had an inter-racial fetish, but seeing it come to light in front of sex addict Cyril was pure gold (was I the only one that thought that young Malory looked like a white Lena Horne?). Also, I’m not sure what to think of Malory at this point. Is she supposed to be racist or just racially insensitive? They really need to address it at some point before it gets too weird.  I can’t wait to find out how Archer reacts when he finds out about the two of them sleeping together on the well-established, filthy, filthy carpet.

In the end, it’s episodes like this that make me want to show Archer to the masses and make this the highest rated show ever. If you have a friend that doesn’t watch the show, show them this episode and watch with glee as they roll on the floor, laughing their ass off.



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