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Archer – Skorpio

Lana is sent to the Mediterranean to stop an arms dealer from selling sensitive weapons to terrorists. Malory goes along to meet with her Soviet "counterpart". Sterling gets called into save Lana when Malory thinks she has been taken prisoner.

Another raucous episode full of innuendo and good old straightforward raunch. Poor Cyril he manages to get himself worked up and then blam he really is in trouble if that ever gets out!

Sterling is just so cool in such a stupid way it's almost charming. The way he argues things is absolutely obsessed. You have to wonder how they came up with this character.

We of course learned the big news tonight. Malory is hilarious. For a spy chief I don't think she can keep anything secret. I would think that would be a prerequisite for that job. The gang back at the office are a real crack support team. Basically sitting around and complaining or making Cyril crazy. I have to admit I am beginning to wonder if anything is out of bounds after the whole maid/kitchen/abortion/vasectomy bit.

Sometimes a little bit to clever for its own good. The episode continue to be entertaining to say the least. See you next week. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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