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Archer – Skytanic

The whole ISIS team ends up taking a ride on a Rigid Airship taking a cross Atlantic Cruise. Mallory was contacted about a bomb threat and Sterling and Lana were sent to stop the threat, but the rest of the team stows aboard for one reason or another.

The whole team is on as we sort of continue some of the antics from the past episode. Carol is still getting Cyril to take care of her as she plays on his fears about Lana and Sterling. Lana is just trying to do her job and keep her relationship with Cyril. Sterling is his usual bumbling self as he convinced that the airship will blow up any minute. He refuses to understand that Helium is not flammable unlike Nitrogen which is what they used on the Hindenburg.

Lots of stereotypes like the person with the turban being Arab even though he isn't and the German with a patch being the bad guy automatically. The usually things you come to expect with this show in general. Ratings seem to be getting slightly better so we'll see if they renew this show or not. I for one am enjoying it while it's on. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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