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Archer – The Rock

Archer and Lana must steal a diamond for the second time after Mallory gets into a fight with the head of ODIN just after ISIS had just made all the security upgrades for a client ODIN then stole. The drones go on strike for a cost of living raise.

This episode sort of took a wrong turn at some point. I'm not sure what the point of this episode was really when it all seemed to go kaboom. Obviously Mallory and the agents take the rest of the workers for granted. There were a few funny moments. When the strikers started to get bottles thrown at them for picketing the cleaners. The fact they couldn't say what they were striking against because it's a "Secret" organization. When Archer and Lana were trying to find equipment for their "mission". "I think the goggles yes, but no on the shovels!" When Archer was blinded by the lights because he insisted on wearing those stupid goggles. Once again Lana has to save his butt!

The thing with his Mom is getting to be rather a theme. Is there any one man or woman for that matter that Mallory hasn't had a relationship or history with?

The show has been renewed for another season. It is just plain funny at times, but sometimes it does go a little overboard. Will Archer ever really be good at spying? He is sort of a cross between James Bond, Maxwell Smart, and Inspector Clouseau. Quick, funny, and always entertaining. Another bumbling mixed up plot and we're on to next week! Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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