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Archer – Training Day

Sterling Archer is a Secret Agent who will tell you just that if he gets drunk enough. His mother runs ISIS who he is the number one agent of. She orders him to train the Comptroller to be a secret agent so another female agent will leave Archer alone.

First episode shown a wonderfully humorous spoof of the Secret Agent game. Sort of reminds one of Maxwell Smart except Archer isn't a bumbling idiot he just doesn't care and is a real sexist.

A very interesting cast of characters and you have to wonder if anything is out of bounds for this animated comedy. So far I don't think so!

In this first episode we see Archer forced to train Cyril Figgis the ISIS Comptroller in the ways of being a Secret Agent. Fortunately or unfortunately Archer does this like he does everything else, not seriously at all.

Very entertaining and quick twenty two minutes of television with a twist. Very adult for a cartoon as many of them are becoming today. I would recommend checking it out at least once. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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