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Archie Comics Announces Little Sabrina and Big Moose One-Shots

This week Archie Comics announced two new one-shots to their comic book line up for April: Little Sabrina and Big Moose. These titles will follow Jughead: The Hunger, Li'l Archie, The Archies, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch being released in March. Little Sabrina will be launched by Tiny Titans and Super Powers creative team Art Baltazar and Franco. Big Moose will have a few creators contributing to the one-shot including writers Sean Ryan (Prowler, Nova), Ryan Cady (Top Cow Editorial Assistant), and Gorf. The artists who'll be contributing to the book are Cory Smith (Nova), Thomas Pitilli (Archie, Jughead), and Wilfredo Torres (Moon Knight). Archie Comics: Big Moose
  • Riverdale’s resident jock gets the spotlight in this special one-shot where everything’s Moose! Stories by Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady and Gorf with art by Cory Smith, Thomas Pitilli and Wilfredo Torres!
  • Script: Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady, Gorf
  • Art: Thomas Pitilli, Cory Smith, Wilfredo Torres
  • Moose One-Shot CVR A Reg: Thomas Pitilli
  • Moose One-Shot CVR B Var: Cory Smith
  • Moose One-Shot CVR C Var: Wilfredo Torres
  • Ship Date: 4/12
  • On Sale Date: 4/26
  • 48-page, full color comic
  • $4.99 U.S.Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 6.01.48 PM
  • Little Sabrina encounters very colorful doppelgangers of her little kitty Salem! When she tries to use magic to whisk them back to wherever they came from she finds that their magic abilities are more than she bargained for!
  • Script: Art Baltazar and Franco
  • Art: Art Baltazar
  • Little Sabrina One-Shot CVR A Reg: Art Baltazar
  • Little Sabrina One-Shot CVR B Var: Jay Fosgitt
  • Little Sabrina One-Shot CVR C Var: Evan Stanley
  • Ship Date: 3/22
  • On Sale Date: 4/5
  • 48-page, full color comic
  • $4.99 U.S.
Are you excited about these titles? Do you want to see more one shots from Archie Comics? Let us know your thoughts about these comic book one shots in the comments below.


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