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Archie to Reboot in 2015

Archie Comics has been undergoing a renaissance as of late and that is a train that does not seem to be slowing down in the least. There are of course the obvious stuff – Afterlife With Archie, Life With Archie, Sabrina – and the less well known stuff such as the proposed live-action television series. The brand is trying to up its relevance and for the most part it has been doing a very good job at it.  

Archie Reboot Designs

  Now comes time for the most drastic step of all, though, and that is changing the face of Archie and the gang themselves – with a relaunch. With the powerhouse team of writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, The Flash) and artist Fiona Staples (Saga) are going to leading the iconic Archie Gang into the modern day. Above readers can even see some “sample” redesigns for three of the cast. Now, Staples will only be on for the first few issues, so fans of Saga can hold their horses. Overall this is a risky gamble. Archie Comics have made a decades long name for themselves in being stagnant and timeless. One wrong move or update could leave this relaunch dead in the water. Personally, I am okay with the idea of an update – as long as they are still nice kids. Other opinions and thoughts would be appreciated below.  


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