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Archie’s Campaign Pain

Obama made such an impression on readers in Veronica #199 that he's back – and he's brought Sarah Palin with him! They pay a visit to the small town of Riverdale and get involved with the student government campaigns.

Everyone gets along in Riverdale, until Archie and Reggie battle head-to-head to win. Archie claims to be backed by Obama; Reggie; Palin. But are these claims legitimate? This story is still a light-natured comic in the series, and is written by Alex Simmons. He is accompanied by artists Jack Morelli, Dan Parent and Digikore Studios.

Archie # 617

There is a rising controversy with the covers among fans, both in the comic world and the political. The original covers show Palin and Obama as friendly as can be. Both variants, however, show them battling it out, first as superheroes in issue 616 (known as "The Fight for America"), then boxers in 617. Obama is titled "The Chicago Kid" vs. "The Thrilla From Wasilla" Sarah Palin.

The 'Campaign Pain' story featuring Obama and Palin will appear in issues 616 & 617 of Archie. Issue 616 is due for release on December 22nd and issue 617 should appear on comic stands January 26th.



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