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Are You Ready for Killzone 3?

Now that we've had a small yet satisfying taste of what to expect from the impressive multiplayer component in Killzone 3, we can only speculate that the campaign will bring more of the same unparalleled shooting action. The Killzone series is probably one of the most underrated shooters ever and, since FPS games are not particularly the most popular on the PS3, it's clear as to why this is so. Regardless, the KZ3 multiplayer beta gave players a nice glimpse of the game's cinema quality graphics and unmatched weapon physics and realism. The game itself plays much like its youngest predecessor Killzone 2, but the game has been refined and tuned even further—which makes for a truly satisfying and authentic first person shooting experience.

Killzone 3

With the release of the full game less than two weeks away, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the beta and start fragging early if you plan to buy the game. If you're a KZ2 veteran you will most likely be ahead of the game as is, but there are some differences in the multiplayer segment. For the most part the structure of the multiplayer and botzone game modes are the same, but with the addition of some new weapons, abilities, and a really cool stealth-kill mechanic. The classes are pretty much the same but the control scheme for the secondary actions has been tweaked a little—but nothing major. You now have the choice of a few different game modes however, which will mix up the action a little bit and give access to different parts of the game maps. The frozen dam level is a really good example of what to expect from the game's environments; the design is evocative of the great maps featured in KZ2.

Guerrilla has already showed that they are capable of creating amazing works of art in their games, so expecting anything less from Killzone 3 would be criminal. The game is due on February 22nd and is sure to make a big splash for fans of the franchise.


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