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Arma 3: Adapt Overview

Bohemia Interactive recently released the new campaign storyline for their flagship tactical shooter Arma 3. I delve into the new campaign to see what this second story is all about.
The new campaign follows US soldier Ben Kerry, whose NATO peacekeeping mission in the Mediterranean has escalated into a large-scale conflict. While the first pack, titled "Survive", emphasized your more traditional first-person infantry combat, Adapt is designed to play more heavily into Arma 3's sandbox military simulation aspects. Arma 3 content lead Jaroslev Kasny said that "Players will find more open and unorthodox scenarios, and with the help of guerrilla warfare, set out to defeat a much stronger enemy," and he has kept to his word with a well presented and thought out campaign.
arma 3
Fans of the Arma series can jump straight into the second episode of the campaign via an automatic update on stream and while the campaign introduced players to Arma 3′s basic infantry combat and story, episode two opens up the military sandbox even further, challenging players to adopt guerrilla tactics in the face of against a stronger, better-equipped enemy. After a botched withdrawal attempt Kerry’s unit is stranded on the well known island of Stratis and must escape to the neighboring island of Altis which has been popular with gamers due to the mod Altis Life which enables a cops and robbers style mechanic ported over from the Arma 2 engine.
Arma 3's first campaign mission – labeled 'Survive' – launched in October. The third and final mission in 'The East Wind' campaign, entitled 'Win,' is expected in March 2014. Adapt keeps up the high octane action as expected with the Arma series and the visuals play true to the lifelike effect that Bohemia are going for. The news storyline keeps the series fresh as I had jumped back over to DayZ and Arma II recently but this new addition has made me go back over to Arma III and with the possibility of playing DayZ breaking point on Arma III this has opened up the possibility of new mods being added to the game which should again further its potential. You can check the trailer for the game below but if you haven't played Arma III for a while it is definitely worth revisiting for this new campaign.


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