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Arma III Debut Trailer

An early contender for Least Informative Video Of E3, the Arma III debut trailer provides almost no information about the game at all.  A mere 47 seconds long, viewers are treated to little more than a logo, and social media links.

However, if you're a fan of hardcore military sims, this PC-exclusive FPS game must have you salivating.  The video doesn't show much, just some live actors dressed as soldiers running around, while snips of in-game vehicle footage plays.  It looks a lot like an Army recruitment ad, and I suppose that's a deliberate goal of the developers, as this franchise is laser targeting armchair soldiers.

Even the release date is still unclear as the video only says ETA 2012, which could easily "Whoops, we missed our estimate.  It'll come out in 2014".  Hopefully we'll get a lot more information about the game in the weeks ahead.


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